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From kibble to treats, each Nulo recipe is filled with the right nutrients to nourish your dog or cat.


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Pet Safety Checklistglenn-carstens-peters-190592-unsplash
News, Safety

The Best Emergency Items to Keep Around for Your Pet

Too often we see news footage of pet owners desperately deciding what to do in an emergency. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a sudden crisis, it’s important to have a plan.

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Exercise, Safety

DIY Trends That Help Indoor Cats Stay Active

Although all pets need to stay active, kitties may require extra attention when they live indoors. Whether your kitty likes to play with anything or just cuddle, here are a few clever ideas to convince your kitty to get up and stay moving.

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steph and cajunsteph and cajun
Nutrition, Stories

Healthier Together Spotlight - Steph Davis

We are constantly inspired by people living healthy lives together with their pets. It’s what drives our #HealthierTogether mantra. Meet Steph Davis, climber and BASE jumper who loves her pets just as much as her profession & embodies our mantra.

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Stories, Favorite Things

Top 10 Ways Your House Cat is Like a Big Cat

Our feline friends impress us with their agility and cleverness, showcasing natural physique & superior intelligence. We see evidence of their ancestry in many ways, but just how much does your furball have in common with wild cats wandering the Savannah?

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Pats fan Max (003)Pats fan Max
Exercise, Safety

8 Ways to Keep Your Pet Forever Young

The average life span of dogs is around 13 years, while cats’ falls between 16 &17 years. Many pets have the potential to live much longer. Here are 8 factors within your control that can add years to your best friend’s life and keep them forever young.

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Does This Collar Make Me Look Fat WideDoes This Collar Make Me Look Fat?
Exercise, Nutrition

Does This Collar Make Me Look Fat?

Over half of American pets have parents with “feeding disorders.” We’ve become a nation that’s feeding the human equivalent of fast food to our dogs, and supersizing them at the same time.

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