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From kibble to treats, each Nulo recipe is filled with the right nutrients to nourish your dog or cat.


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Building Momentum, A Letter From Dr. Abby

“To have a pet food company dedicated to the same philosophy I use to feed myself and my family -- that the fuel you supply the engine with is one of the most important decisions you can make on a daily basis – is incredibly exciting.”

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An Open Letter to Zoe

Jonathan Lopez, a U.S. Army Veteran and left-arm amputee, found loyalty, confidence and a lifetime race partner in his dog, Zoe. Not originally intended to be a service dog, Zoe quickly became the support and stability that Jonathan needed.

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LaVonne & Oz

There’s something about a happy-go-lucky, three-legged dog that just gives you hope. Veterans with injuries could especially relate to Oz because he is missing a leg. They could see that he’d been wounded too.

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Jonathan & Zoe

Jonathan and Zoe will be the first to cheer you on and the last ones out on the course helping you finish. They are a simple pet and pet parent, yet they are so much more than that – they are the epitome of loyalty, inspiration, and possibility.

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Spartan Race Chooses Nulo

Nulo Pet Food and Spartan Race have a unique partnership. Find out how one of the most extreme obstacle races and one of the most premium pet food companies came together to help athletes and their pets become healthier together.

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Is it safe? Everyday Foods Your Dogs and Cats Should not Have

Pet parents are always wondering, "is this safe to feed my dog/cat?" Here are several foods that should be avoided and others that should be fed with caution. Now you can safely share a meal with your pet while ensuring their health!

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