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The Probiotic Advantage


You already know the importance of digestive health and its integral role in optimal nutrition. You’ve also probably seen ads proudly proclaiming the benefits of probiotics. It seems like every day there is a new application or supplement that advertises these live, beneficial bacteria that aid in digestion. But have you ever considered that probiotics must be alive to provide any real benefit?

Cats and dogs have much shorter digestive tracts than humans relative to their body size. This fact led Michael Landa, Nulo’s Founder, to recognize that viable probiotics are even more essential to our pets since they have less time to extract nutrients from their diet. If you do your research, you will find probiotic organisms listed in the ingredient labels of many premium pet foods brands, but most probiotic strains are not resilient enough to withstand the stresses of processing, shelf-life, and digestion.

Instead of settling for a probiotic that won’t survive cooking or subsequently spraying the probiotic on the surface a food that is unlikely to survive on shelves (but will remain forever as a selling point on the bag’s list of ingredients.) At Nulo, we didn’t settle… SHIM ganeaden SHIM

Nulo is one of the only premium pet foods on the market to offer guaranteed levels of probiotic viability delivered to your pet’s bowl. The key is the patented strain of Bacillus coagulans (GBI-30, 6086), tradenamed GanedenBC30 , which is a highly-researched spore-forming microorganism that remains dormant through cooking (extrusion), storage, and shelf-life. The spores become activated by the rapid change in pH on arrival in the intestines, where viable cells begin proliferating and imparting their ‘magic’ in the gut.

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Nulo’s kibble, Freeze-Dried Raw, Jerky Strips, and Protein Sticks contain this unique, patented probiotic, and it’s featured in many of the components of our Mix-it Meal recipes – making it easier than ever to give your pet a beneficial probiotic boost with every meal or snack.

SHIM CollectionCheck out our recipes and see the difference our probiotic advantage can make. SHIM

If we put this much research into delivering a viable probiotic to your pet’s gut, you can imagine the resources we put into crafting wholesome foods and treats for your pets — from selecting strategically-sourced ingredients to never wavering from our core nutritional philosophy.Everything we do at Nulo is done with love, so your pets can live healthier lives.