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Luca with Crossfit Round Rock
Crossfit Owners

Adrien and Landon Adams started their CrossFit Round Rock gym with the goal of inspiring a community of people to find the best in themselves, regardless of age or ability. They preach fitness, nutrition and teamwork – with every person and pet expected to participate.

Their tight-knit family of instructors, competitors, mothers & dads can be found working out in the wee hours of the morning, music blaring, and pumping out their next WOD (Workout of the Day).

On any given morning, you’ll find their gym pups running across the workout floor too. Luca, Adrien and Landon’s own golden retriever – or Stevie, Coach Anna’s pit mix – run, jump, play and fetch like no other athlete. Dogs are always welcome, because like CFRR’s members, they’re all family.

When Adrien and Landon heard about Nulo, it was a perfect fit for what they had been looking to feed their own dog and cat. Nulo’s nutrition of high meat, low carbs, probiotics, and all-natural ingredients is exactly what they preach to their CrossFit community so why not pass along great nutrition to their animals as well.

Nulo is an avid supporter of the CrossFit community and their pups – whether it’s showing up at a gym with free samples and pet nutrition training or sponsoring a Fittest Games contest. People like Adrien and Landon know what good nutrition can do and want it for EVERYONE in their family, whether they walk on two feet or four paws.

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