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Juno & Legend with Michael Phelps
23-time Gold Medalist

Swimming legend Michael Phelps is the most decorated athlete of all time. While his competitive swimming days are behind him, health and nutrition remain just as important outside of the pool for him and his growing family.

For his entire swimming career — the latter part in particular – Michael scrutinized everything that he put into his body. He knew that what he ate would have a direct impact on his performance in the pool. Michael uses this same lens when it comes to feeding his family — especially his two French Bulldogs Juno and Legend.

Juno and Legend are very active pups that enjoy daily walks, backyard fetch and looking after Boomer. Even though dad is a world-class swimmer, these pups are not so buoyant. Both dogs don’t care to swim laps with dad, but Legend absolutely loves splashing around in the shallow pool and keeping cool in the Arizona heat. Juno on the other hand is the complete opposite and prefers to keep an eye on the family safely from inside.

Juno and Legend are proud of their dad’s medal count, but love him unconditionally for the belly rubs, time spent running around the backyard and the fuel he picks for their bowls. Michael is confident that Juno and Legend are getting the best nutrition they need to keep up with family for years to come.

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Michael's Pick

When Michael serves up something special for Juno and Legend it's usually this blend of Puppy Salmon & Peas Kibble with Freeze Dried Duck & Pears, Organic Chicken Bone Broth with Beef Liver and Kale.

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