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Rasquette & Annie with Kaetlyn Osmond
Canadian Olympian and World Gold Medalist

On the ice, Kaetlyn is full focus – nailing her jumps and gliding effortless from one end of the rink to the other. Her daily routine consists of ballet practice in the morning and training at the rink for hours in the afternoon. And with hard work comes great success – like being a three-time Olympic medalist and 2018 World Figure Skating Champion.

It’s at home where Kaetlyn can finally relax. Good thing Rasquette, her Cockapoo, and Annie, a ragdoll, are right by her side for some rest. Though, a puppy always needs a fair amount of play – so a walk around the neighborhood or a game of fetch is always on the agenda.

Rasquette even gets to visit Kaetlyn at the rink on occasion – to root on her mom but mostly to score some major snuggles and pats from the young, aspiring ice skaters at the training rink.

Living Healthier Together™ includes resting up and focusing on your mental health, especially when you’re training for one of the biggest competitions of your life. Thankfully, Rasquette and Annie are experts in cuddling – fueled by Nulo.


Canadian National Champion

  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2017

2014 Olympic Silver Medalist

2017 World Silver Medalist

2018 Olympic Gold and Bronze Medalist

2018 World Champion

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Kaetlyn gives MedalSeries Indoor Cat Duck & Cod to Annie and MedalSeries Puppy Chicken & Sweet Potato to Rasquette.
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